Framed Football

For Disabled Players

Frame Football is a unique version of football specifically designed for individuals who use a walking frame or crutches to move around and may have restricted mobility.

If you would like to take part in the sessions but do not own or have access to a GameFrame used in order to play Frame Football, there is a brand new service launched by CP Sports to help you access a GameFrame.

In order to support people with cerebral palsy and associated impairments a new pilot rental service has been launched in order to enable individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in sport and recreational activity.

10am -11am, £3 per session

Bristol City Frame Football provide young people who require the assistance of a frame to walk with the chance to get active, play football and have some fun.

Bristol Frame Football Coach, Nick Dewfall commented, “As well as playing matches and taking part in a few drills we also incorporate football-based exercises which supplement some of the physiotherapy that many of the young people are going through into the sessions.

“If you were to ask one of the young people to put their foot on a step as a form of physio they would find that incredibly boring, however if you ask them to put their foot on a football they will do that all day long.

“We don’t turn anyone away from these sessions so please feel free to come along and get involved.”

There is no need to book in advance for the session so please feel free to come along and get involved.

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